Bathroom Trends 2019

Considering a bathroom renovation? These are our top 3 bathroom trends in 2019.

Black Is Back

Black is not a traditional choice for bathrooms. Most people like bathrooms to feel light, bright and airy, but in 2019 we are starting to see black incorporated into bathroom design. The spa industry is the influencer behind the black bathroom trend and is a reflection of the high-end luxury feel of a spa treatment.

Make A Statement

Even if you have a small bathroom, don’t be afraid to make an impression with high-contrast wallpaper or statement pieces. A big mirror, even in a small room , can create space and give your bathroom an arty edge.

Neutrals Aren’t Boring

If black isn’t your thing, neutrals are the other big bathroom trend to emerge in 2019. For a really modern feel, go for a monochromatic colour scheme. Pick one colour and use it throughout your bathroom in different tones, tints and shades. However you use your neutrals, their major advantage is that they will keep your bathroom current.

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