Lighting may not be the first thing you think of to add to your bathroom wishlist, but beautiful lighting can make a huge difference to the style of the whole room. As one of the most used rooms in the house, the bathroom deserves as much attention when it comes to design and style as any other room. And lighting is one of those small and relatively inexpensive tweaks that can take your bathroom from ordinary to extraordinary.

So, whether you’re designing a brand new bathroom from scratch or renovating an existing one, here are some lighting ideas to inspire you.

Types of Bathroom Lighting 

Bathroom lighting can be categorised according to its purpose – task lighting (shaving and makeup), accent lighting (used to highlight certain features such as a plant or bath), decorative lighting and ambient lighting. And of course, you don’t have to be restricted to just one type. Bathroom lighting comes in all shapes and sizes including: 

  • Pendant lights
  • Ceiling lights
  • Wall sconces
  • Vanity lighting
  • Mirror lights
  • Track lights
  • Chandeliers
  • LED strip lighting
  • Ceiling lamp

This excellent article from houzz will help you get your head around how to choose the right lighting for your bathroom!

Top Bathroom Lighting Tips

The most important thing to remember about bathroom lighting is that it is better to have more than not enough. You don’t have to use all the lighting at once, and dimmer switches can help control the ambience. 

Start with ceiling lights as your main source of lighting and mix things up from there. For example, a statement pendant light or a unique designer wall-mounted light can instantly liven up your bathroom and become the focal point of the room. 

Task lighting should always be a priority, especially if you have at least one person in the house who wears makeup!

Check out some of these creative bathroom lighting ideas from Better Homes and Gardens for more inspiration.

Bathroom Lighting Regulations

As we know, water and electricity do not mix, so there are some strict rules and regulations that stipulate where switches and outlets can be placed in bathrooms. All electrical work must be carried out by a licensed electrician, so we won’t go into depth about wiring regulations, but this article will give you an idea about the different bathroom zones in Australia. 


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